Backspin Deluxe Wheels

Backspin Deluxe Wheels

Product SKU: BK-DLX

The Backspin Deluxe wheel is the best wheel from Backspin yet!

Backspin Deluxe wheels feature a revolutionary engineering technique that permanently and securely bonds the urethane to the aluminum hub to guard against wheel separation.

The hub in the Deluxe wheels is aluminum and designed to be both light and strong.  

All Backspin wheels come with a lifetime warranty.

62mm x 42mm


A skate uses a total of eight wheels.

This product priced for a set of eight.

Backspin Deluxe Wheels

62MM x 42MMBlue92AIn Stock889573000675
62MM x 42MMGrey97AOut of StockNot Available Online. 889573000712
62MM x 42MMPurple97AIn Stock889573000705
62MM x 42MMRed95AIn Stock889573000668
62MM x 42MMWhite99ALimited Availability889573000729
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